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Once dubbed the "Venice of the East" by the Dutch, Palembang is the capital of South Sumatra and one of the oldest cities in Southeast Asia. It is also known as Kota Pempek (Pempek City) for its local delicacy, pempek (fishcake with sago or tapioca pearls). Although this is not an essential stop for most tourists, if you're passing overland through the Pasemah Highlands or Jambi, Palembang is enough off the tourist radar to give it some appeal.

  • To start a trip to explore Palembang, there's no better place than the Ampera Bridge where you that crosses the Musi River. Ampera Bridge with 1177m long is the largest and most beautiful bridge in Indonesia and this is also the most famous place of the city. Palembang's most iconic landmark will be the ideal place to watch the beautiful lights at night.
  • Whether in the past or present, the river has always been an important part of the daily life of the people in the city. From the daily activities to the busy commercial ports, it all depends on the Musi River. It's reat when you explore this river with one of the boats like motorboats, speedboats, small boats or keteks. In the middle of the Musi River is the small island of Palau Kemaro, which has a famous Buddhist site worth visiting.
  • Kemaro Island, this magical island located on the Musi River delta is not only famous for the Musi River with towering nine-storey pagoda, is also a prayer place for Buddhists. It became more crowded during the Cap Go Meh Festival.
  • Benteng Kute Besak located on the north of the Musi River is also an attractive destination. This is an ancient fortress that has long remained a legacy of the Muslim kingdom of Palembang Darusallam. In addition to being a historic treasure, this 18th-century riverside palace is also a great place to check out local delicacies. It is also a great place to admire the sunset as well as the sailing boats running along the Musi River.
  • Besides the important archaeological sites, Palembang also has many parks that show its natural beauty. One of them is Punti Kayu Forest Park, known as the only forest park in the city and the largest downtown pine forest park in Indonesia.
  • Opened in 2011, OPI Water Fun has a range of attractions such as water slides and a lazy river for you to have fun after a long day of sightseeing. When you're tired of water activities, go to Palembang Bird Park right next to the hotel.
  • In addition to the tourist attractions, cuisine is a feature not to be missed when visiting Palembang. And you must definitely try the Indonesian’s traditional Pempek food when you come here.
  • If you want to stay in the city center, you should book at All Nite and Day Hotel on Jl. Veteran and Arista Hotel Palembang on Jl. Kapten A Rivai. If you want to be near the airport, you can book a room at Hotel Santika Premiere Bandara Palembang.


How to get there?

  • It will take an hour to fly from Jakarta to here with the price only about USD 60/one-way excluding taxes and fees. Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport currently serves local and international airlines.

Palembang will probably be ignored to replace it with more popular locations in the Indonesia. However, if you want to find a new space, a different new experience, come to this culturally diverse city, which was once the heart of a powerful ancient kingdom. BOOK NOW to discover this great destination!!!!