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If Jakarta is the geographic capital, Yogyakarta must be Indonesia's cultural capital. This city makes you feel relaxed, peaceful, like the true culture of Java Island. A historical and cultural experience is waiting for you with a list of the best things to do in the City of Java Island: Yogyakarta of Indonesia.

  • Start your journey to discover Yogyakarta at Borobudur Temple - the world's largest Buddhist monument, one of the Seven Wonders of the World and the famous tourist destination of Indonesia.
  • Enjoying the atmosphere in early morning on the hillside, admiring the Merapi and Merbabu volcanos as well as watching the monumental buildings around will definitely not make you feel disappointed.
  • Visit the Primitive forest in Jomblang cave is also a very interesting experience. You should go through this cave, cross a dark tunnel about 250 m to reach Grubug cave. Sunlight illuminates this area through the cave mouth and illuminates all stalactites.
  • Less than 1 hour drive from Yogya, you will admire the most beautiful Hindu temple in Indonesia and possibly the most beautiful in the world - Prambanan temple, also known as the Rara Jonggrang temple.
  • After the sunset at Prambanan Temple, there will be no complete experience if the Ramayana ballet Show is not on the to-do list. Easily from the temple, the show starts at 19:30 and shows at an outdoor stage.
  • Admiring the famous Batik art in Java Island and trying to create your own product at the Batik Yogyakarta Museum is something you can't miss when you come here.
  • Yogyakarta is known as one of the best cities to eat on the island of Java! Take your empty stomach for lunch and get ready to taste the local foods at this Pasar Beringharjo. There are two dishes you should try: “Kere” Satay and “Empal” or fried beef tender served with rice.
  • Located 25 km from the city, Parangtritis is the nearest beach. Come and experience the special black sand formed from volcanic ash. Activities such as off-road driving, horse riding or even sand sliding are available.
  • Not far from the beach is Gumuk Pasir sand dune - a suitable place to take pictures and slide sand.
  • Yogyakarta has two large squares of North and South. For tourists, coming to Southern Square is a more reasonable choice. Art performance, busking, or street foods will begin to operate in the evening.
  • Where should you stay?
    The mid-range hotel you might consider is Harper Mangkubumi. Besides, in the surrounding areas like Sosrowijayan and Jl Prawirotaman, you can find many motels.
  • How to get Yogyakarta?
    You can fly to Yogyakarta from all major destinations in Indonesia as well as international destinations like Singapore, Kuala Kumpur. There are daily buses via Yogyakarta from most cities in Java. In addition, another means is a minivan, which runs faster than a bus but costs a little more.
  • Right in the center of Yogyakarta you will find the Jalan Malioboro shopping street. This is an ideal starting point to explore the city. Both sides of the road are full of souvenirs with extremely affordable prices.