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Sydney is a city that has never stopped attracting tourists. This is a city famous for its magnificent and massive architecture, world museums, green parks, modern entertainment areas and the sea. In recent years, Sydeny has consistently ranked in the top "most liveble cities in the world". Here are the reasons why Sydney is the most attractive destination!

It is the city with the most famous Opera in the world:

Sydney Opera House is the top symbolic work of Sydney in particular and the whole of Australia in general, unique architectural works. Located in Bennelong Point, near the Sydney Habour, during the day, the white scallop theater stands out against the high blue sky, and at night tourists will be admired a bright and majestic party of light on water surface, one of the must-have experiences in Sydney.

Admire the largest steel bridge in the world - Sydney Harbor Bridge

This is the largest steel bridge in the world, one of the symbols of the country of kangaroos. The surface of the Sydney Habour is divided into 2 rail lines, 8 lanes for cars and 1 lane for pedestrians. This bridge is also the venue for spectacular fireworks displays to welcome the new year or the place to announce major international events.

Tourists can go to the top of the bridge, the curved arch section about 134 meters from the harbor to see the panorama of Sydney gradually dyed in the sunset and brightly lit up.

Experience the snorkeling paradise

The coves around Sydney are home to a lot of marine life. Most prominent include Gordon's Bay and Cabbage Tree Bay in Manly. These are two places where you can dive and watch colorful fish interesting.

Enjoy panoramic city views at Sydney Tower

One of the most beautiful places to see the whole city is Sydney Tower, the tallest structure in the city. Located in the commercial center Piit St.. The tower is 304.8 m high from the base of the tower to the top and 324.8 m high above the sea level, anchored by massive cable systems.

It takes about 40 seconds for an elevator ride to the tower, you will enjoy the meals from Sydney's most luxurious restaurants and cafes. And you can't help mentioning, it is a perfect location for you to see the most beautiful panorama of Sydney with your eyes and the modern binocular system at Sydney Tower Eye, the highest floor of the tower.

Admire the nature in Sydney

Sydney has a lot of green spaces like Centennial Park with 540 acres of shaping gardens and 10 lakes. And the park can go for a walk by bike. Royal Botanic Gardens - the largest botanical garden always brings green air to cover the city.

Taste some great food

Another interesting thing about Sydney city is that the food here is great. There are incredible fresh food markets selling local products and freshly seafood as well as a number of world-famous restaurants. Some of Sydney's popular, award-winning restaurants include Bennelong and Quay. For more affordable options, try Greek food at Apollo, Italy food at Da Orazio and Bodega for Spanish food.

Discover paradise beaches in the world

Many people wonder if Sydney tourism has the sea? Sure, the Bondi Sea is too beautiful and too charming. With paths along the coast and scenery around the beaches, it is extremely suitable for relaxing walks and immersing in nature.

Sydney city is the ideal place when visiting beautiful Australia, you will be able to visit and explore this beautiful city. Besides, you also enjoy many Sydney's delicious dishes and specialties. If you are planning to travel to Sydney, book early for a cheap trip.