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Taiwan is quickly building a reputation as one of the most exciting places to visit in Asia. With its incredible scenery, amazingly friendly people and the most delectable cuisine, it’s easy to see why. But what about those special experiences that are unique to the island? Here are some of the most interesting things you can only do in Taiwan.

Taiwan is incredibly green. No matter where you are, there is always a lush tropical forest around the corner. Therefore, the amazing sceneries are definitely a reason to visit Taiwan. The capital is surrounded by mountains with Yangmingshan National Park is situated just 12 kilometers from downtown Taipei. The landscape changes dramatically across the island. Central Taiwan is dominated by impressive summits, while the southern tip of Taiwan – Kenting – is famous for its sandy beaches.

For the most part, Taiwanese people are quite religious, with the huge variety of beautiful temples dotted throughout the island a clear indicator of their pious nature. These places of worship are quite often opulent in appearance with some located in stunning surroundings. And while some tourists may feel a little intrusive by visiting these sites, locals are extremely welcoming to those that do.

Taipei 101 is, of course, the most famous of Taiwan’s modern architectural landmarks attracting huge numbers of tourists each week, but it’s not the only landmark to be seen here. From shoe-shaped churches to stained glass domed subway stations, there’s a plethora of unique buildings that dot Taiwan’s many townships and cities.

There are 16 officially recognized tribes in Taiwan. They lived on the island long before the Han settlers arrived from China. Nowadays, their population is only 500,000 (2% of the total population of Taiwan). A great place to learn about the various tribes is Sun Moon Lake area where the oldest tribes come from. It is hard to get so we recommend you visit it as part of this tour showing the best of Taiwan in just 5 days.

The major cities such as Kaohsiung, Taipei, and Taichung are packed with department stores, boutiques, and gift shops. There are several major department store chains that operate throughout Taiwan, so no matter what is on the shopping list, chances are you’ll find it. But it’s not just run of the mill consumer goods that are popular here. Taiwan is famous for manufacturing computers and their components and in Taipei tourists can visit the huge Guang Hua Digital Plaza for all their PC-related needs.

While religious festivals are a common occurrence in Taiwan, there are also many other festivals held throughout the region that capture the imagination of travelers. These include Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival, Organik techno festival, and the Lantern Festival. In fact, no matter when you are visiting the island, there’s a chance that your trip will coincide with at least one major festival.